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Our Mission

Pension parity for the three and four year Pre-1965 NBA Veterans without pensions who helped "set the table" for today's NBA successes...

Fact: The NBA pension started in 1965 and requires 3 years of play to qualify.  Pre-1965 players were included but the qualifying term was raised to five years in 1988 including time spent in the Armed Forces during WWII.

Those eligible: NBL "National Basketball League", the BAA "Basketball Association of America" and  the NBA.

The three and four year veterans were excluded.


Our Twenty Two Year Mission Finally Complete

Since 1989, the start of our Association, Our Mission Completed in 2005, at the Collective Bargain Meetings. Both the NBA and the National Basketball Players Association, agreed to bring in and included the Pre-1965, 3 & 4 Year Pioneer Veterans into the Pension Program.

The original roster of 3 & 4 year veterans was 85. When the agreements were reached, 40 remained. The financial payment were scheduled as follows: The 3 year veterans received $900.00 per month for the remaining years of their lives. When a player passed away and had a remaining spouse, the spouse received 50% of the players pension amount.

The 4 year veterans received $1,200 per month. When that player passed away, the surviving spouse received 50% of his pension amount. The first payments were distributed in August of 2007. Since the bargaining agreements were in 2005, a retroactive back payment representing 24 months since the agreements were signed, the 3 year men received a lump sum check in the amount of $21,400.

The 4 year men received a lump sum check in the amount of $28,800. In addition, if the 3 year or 4 year player passed away after 1988, and the surviving spouse was still alive after July 2005, then the spouse received 50% of the would have been players pension had he not passed away.

OF NOTE: It must be stated that the time our Association...with Bill Tosheff, as President, researched and was able to obtain pensions for 10 pioneer veterans who never realized they were qualified. This was a WWII or Korean War inclusionary codicil.

Those granted pensions stemming from the 1988 inclusion were: George Nelmark, Gifford Roux, Jack Maddox, Jim Seminoff John "Bud" Palmer, Ernest Andres,John Chaney, Wally Osterkorn, Mel Thurston, Dillard Crocker.The total amount received as Retro-active Payments leading back to 1988, was $827,000. The amount received after the 2005 Collective Bargaining Meetings was for both 3 & 4 year veterans was $518,400 for the 3 year vets, & $460,800 for the 4 year vets.


THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS-John "Bud" Palmer, Honorable Quentin L. Kopp, Judge of the Superior Court of California Gregory R. Nelson, President/CEO-Bledsoe Corporation, J. Paul Martha, Esq.,NFL/NHL.

Grateful acknowledgements are made to all the sports writers, radio and TV sports casters for their help in keeping the message alive in our behalf. Much gratitude to those media sports writers who kept the pension flame alive. Many thanks to ABC, NBC CBS, ESPN, FOX, for their support keeping also the flame alive for 23 years ongoing.

Since the pension granting has been consummated, the Pre-1965 NBA Players Ass'n remain viable in the attempt to help all the Pre-1965 veterans in need of economic and physical assistance. The Pre-1965 Players Association Creed will always be, "PLAYERS MUST TAKE CARE OF PLAYERS.

Bill "Tosh" Tosheff, Continuing as CEO of the Organization a 501(C)3 Non-Profit California Corporation.

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